The Best Course of Action

MRI Machine

Diagnostic Imaging is the central pillar of our hospital. Our skilled physicians, technologists, nurses, and support staff complete 680,000 scans each year across our three hospital sites.

From cardiac to cancer care, emergency medicine to paediatrics, our Diagnostic Imaging teams partner across our organization to enable the highest quality care. But they can’t do it without access to the advanced diagnostic equipment needed for a community of our size. There is a continuous need to replace our equipment, including CT scanners, MRIs, ultrasounds, and X-rays

With a projected 45 percent increase in Mississauga’s population over the next 20 years, keeping up with the growing demand—while ensuring our diagnostic imaging equipment remains state of the art—is a critical priority.

Substantial investment in our Diagnostic Imaging program is essential to ensure that we continue to deliver the most advanced care, close to home.